Government rolls out OROP scheme

The government on Saturday decided to implement the ‘one rank, one pension’ scheme for veterans of the armed forces. Over 25 lakh veterans would benefit from the implementation of the OROP scheme.

OROP intends to ensure uniform pension payments to ex-servicemen who served at the same rank and for the same amount of time, regardless of the year they retired .

The scheme will be effective from July 1, 2014, with arrears that will be paid in four half-yearly instalments. widows and war widows will get arrears in a single installment. The base year for calculating the pension has been fixed at 2013. The pension would be calculated every five years.

The fiscal burden will be up to Rs.10,000= crore additional outgo per year. The arrears will cost Rs.10,000= to 12,000=crore.

SOURCE :Sunday times, new Delhi, 06-09-15, Page 1. and The Financial Express on Sunday, New Delhi, 06-09-15, page 1.

  • Renu Tyagi

    The OROP has already been delayed and should be implemented at the earliest. In case any anomalies are found, they can be corrected later.