Some premature military retirees may get OROP

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said the government was reconsidering denial of one rank one pension scheme(OROP) to all military personnel who opt for premature retirement(PMR) from service.The government wants to differenciate between voluntary retirement foe better prospects and PMR in the interest of the army. A judicial commission has also been set up to look into all other issues connected with implementation of OROP.

One proposal is that OROP should be granted to superseded officers who take PMR after continuing in service for four additional years.

Similarly, jawans and junior commissioned officers might have to serve for three additional years after they get suspended to get OROP . But officers who opt for PMR without being “passed over “for promotions will continue to be ineligible for OROP.

The notification issued by the defence ministry on November 7 had held that all military officers and jawans opting for PMR from now onwards -without exception-would not be eligible for OROP benefits. This led to tremendous unease in the armed forces, which bank upon hundreds of officers and thousands of jawans taking PMR every year to keep themselves young and fighting fit.

A senior officer argued that the entire cadre management of the forces , which has a steeply pyramidal promotional structure , is dependent on these officers and jawans taking PMR after finishing their pensionable service. This ensures recruitment of young and fresh blood.

The officer added that if the suspended officers and jawans stay on in service to ensure they get OROP, they will block vacancies and reverse all the measures being implemented to reduce the age profile of the forces.

SOURCE: The Times of India, New Delhi, February 19, 2016,page 11