India ranked second last in pension benefits: Study

India has emerged as the second lowest among 34 countries providing retirement income systems with good benefits, according to a study.
  The Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index has revealed   that the ageing population continued to pose challenges to the governments worldwide  with policymakers struggling to balance the twin  goals of delivering financial security for their retirees  that is both adequate  for the individual and sustainable for the economy.
Measuring 34 pension systems the index shows that the Netherlands  and Denmark both offer A-Grade world class retirement income systems  with good benefits –clearly demonstrating  their preparedness for tomorrow’s ageing world.
India,the study said, has been taking slow but steady steps  towards strengthening its retirement income system, however, the country finds itself as the second lowest  among 34 countries  under study.

The demographics  and macro economic factors in India are diverse and pension systems have to be aligned to other programmes in the country, the study said.